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Emerson Elementary Librarian

Welcome to the Emerson Elementary Library page. 

Ashlee Hoyt is our librarian.
Jackie Jones is our library assistant. 

Emerson Elementary Library

As an elementary school library, our focus is to support the curriculum taught in the classroom and provide quality books to help students find the enjoyment of reading through listening and participating in story time.  The Library contains approximately 10,000 items including fiction and nonfiction books and videos.  Students may select  chapter books, picture books and graphic novels on a variety of topics appropriate for their interest and reading level.  A collection of books concerning parenting, study skills, and other school topics is available for parents.


Emerson Elementary Library Media Program

The mission of the Emerson Library Media Program is to assist students in the development of skills necessary for independent life-long learning.  Emphasis is placed on the appreciation of literature, the enjoyment of recreational reading, as well as reading for information.  It is our mission to meet students' and teachers' educational needs today, and to anticipate tomorrow's needs also.  Emerson's Library Media Center instructs students to use both print and electronic information resources and to successfully apply skills that will enable them to locate, select, evaluate, interpret and communicate information effectively.