4th Grade FAQs

 FAQs for 4th Grade

 1.  Q: How often is the Reading Test given?

      A: Reading test are taken every Friday after a lesson has been taught.

2.  Q: How often is a Math Test given?

     A: At the end of every Topic taught.  There is not a specific day that Math test are given, it depends

         on how long a Topic takes to teach.

3.  Q:  Why do students need to take AR quizzes?

     A:  Students are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes per night.  Research has shown that this improves

          student success in school.  Taking quizzes helps the teacher with comprehension skills, and helping your 

          child pick the approriate book level.

4.  Q:  How is corrected work graded?

     A:   Students will be given the chance to correct work that has a grade of 69% or below.  That work will be

           regraded and the two grades will be averaged together.

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